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VERY Belated Poll Results and ANNOUNCEMENT!

I know I promised results on August 4th. 24 days late is better than nothing. ;)

The results:

Digi will be a Dragon again.

Breimh will be a Dragon still.

Purrzah will be a Dragon for as long as I can stand it. ;)

Hopefully this lack of updates will be made up for. I'm going to have a some added free time on my hands and if I work it right, I'll be able to use some of it to do some drawing.


Some time before the end of 2007 there will be a radical change to the comic. The real Skykin Grove is being forced to break up. So, the household dynamic is changing, and thus focus will switch to the primary two (Breimh and Purrzah) with guest appearances by other fun people.

I'm hoping that the upcoming and as of yet undefined move will not distrupt things for more than a month or so, (in other words, no worse than I've already distrupted things with my general laziness). Of course, warm fuzzy reminders of how much people like and miss my comic would help. ;)
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