Skykin Grove Updated!

Yeah, again a week late, but...

Skykin Grove has updated!

Also, Chibithulu, the Deep Lord, has announced a leniency on the tasks required to be a minion. You no longer need to do anything but request an address to send an SASE to purrzah and you will be added to the Scroll of Minions and receive a nifty minion membership card (minon for those of you lucky enough to be early enough to request... no, it's not a typo, you are more likely to be honored by being devoured by the Deep Lord... yeah, that's it.).

nylima and longtail are the guests of the strip this month!

Hey, you know what next month is? Yep, it's Skykin Grove's 2nd Birthday! Yay! What WILL she do next??? Join the LJ Community skykin_grove and you'll find out!

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*Chirping Crickets*

The comic will update later this week. I have a certain laziness about turning on the laptop, since it's having problems.

Y'all know there's a gmail account set up for questions/comments/complaints, right? skykingrove at gmail? All I seem to get most of the time is spam. ;)

Even a few "why haven't you updated" at the moment would tell me people are listening. ;)
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Skykin Grove Updated!

Sorry it's 2 weeks late!

The March "issue" of Skykin Grove has updated.

I've decided to try a smaller image format for this one, as the previous format always looked incredibly grossly huge on anything but my laptop. Let me know what you think. I may go from my verticle alignment this way to the horozontal.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the song goes;

Do your ears hang low,
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot,
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you swing them over your shoulder
Like a continental soldier?
Do your ears hang low?

That's the CLEAN version, at least.
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Weekly Art

A touch late again...


This young lady is named Charity. She appears to be a bard, though what she's supposed to be playing, I'm not sure. I can't draw musical instruments... obviously!

Still another from my felt-pen coloring period. These will be featured for a while. :)
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New Comic & Weekly Art

Didja notice I snuck in an update of Skykin Grove?

Also, for those of you watching, here's a new art submission:


This young lady is known as "Butterfly". Another member of the AD&D circus troup miladyblue and I RP'd for a while. She was a bit of a ditz and very naieve (oh, however it's spelled!).
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Belated Weekly Art Offering

*snorts awake* Oh, yeah... Sorry.

New comic within a couple of days. Raging sinus issues and guests cramp that style. ;)

Anyhow, for your pleasure...

Blaize as a fae
Blaize as a human

Two pictures because it's two different shapes of the same character. During this happy felt marker coloring time I did a bunch of faeries and pixies and stuff... all for the AD&D game (wait till you see what I claim Leprechauns look like... brace yerselves).
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Weekly Art Submission

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

With any luck, the website should be updated next week, on schedule.

For now, enjoy this... :)


This was Coreandra, a D&D character created by miladyblue, whom I later took over, I guess. I don't remember the details. According to miladyblue, nylima may recall her, as I used her in games with my cousin.
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